In the Amazon Rainforest, vast rivers wind endlessly through mountainous terrain and a thick blanket of fog creeps through the trees, the locals say the jungle can swallow you in a second. Inhabited by many ancient, spirits protecting their home, they play cruel tricks on those who dare to enter and lure in their victims so deep, few make it out to tell their tale. 


Inspired by the intriguing stories believed by the Amazonian natives, the Enticement collection illustrates the dark allure of our planet’s largest rainforest. Devious monkeys prey upon the lost travelers, setting up traps and using fruit as the bait.  Hear the sad call of the nocturnal Potoo birds, often seen in pairs; two children live in the form of birds. Pink River dolphins shape shift into a handsome human form, taking their victims in with seductive power and impregnate them with a baby dolphin and stear clear of La Sachamama, the giant serpent and mother spirit who will swallow you whole.  

Using watercolour paints and collaging together unique motifs, the artwork is crafted in the signature style of Alice Acreman Silks. Darker, moodier and more intense than her previous collections, Enticement designs are intensely detailed and combine beautiful florals in electric colours against striking anatomical art. The Bright neon colour palette, glows against the deep greens and darkest black, which give depth and ,mystery to the artworks. 

Pay homage Amazon rainforest with the Enticement collection and support it’s existence by purchasing a piece. A donation with every sale goes to- www.RainforestFoundationUK.org