Evolution Collection

Our core print collection named 'Evolution' takes inspiration from patterns in nature and the fascinating belief of plant and animal adaptation, in the form of the stylised Victorian artwork documenting the vast array of weird and wonderful species. 

"The Infinite complexities of Nature" 


However inspiration also came from the rich history of textile design and combines the style of the primitive methods such as block printing with vegetable pigments in contrast with more digitally created techniques which are made possible by our technological advances. Look closely at the Crustacean Silk to see an X-ray of a crab!


The unique designs have been created with hand crafted techniques; collaging together watercolour artwork, line drawing on tracing paper and other similar methods for overlaying the striking  motifs. 

The cream toned ground colour is a nod to the page colour of old books, while   the vibrant hued boarders give the final design an eye catching pop.


Alice is known for leaning towards unusual colour combinations and in-particular shades of orange is seen through out the 8 piece collection with lime green and purple contrasting against it. 


"Tulips were adored by the Victorians and can therefore add a vintage style to the design's contrast with the more tropical botanicals, with animals bringing personality to [Alice's] designs and are often the most striking feature."
- The National Portrait Gallery