Inspired by hazy sunset hues, earthy tones of intense Nevada desert and west coast climate, the Mirage collection explores architecture and nature on a journey through the west of North America. The shades of copper and sand neutrals are offset by luscious tropical botanicals, in near symmetry. Reptiles and insects dance about each piece, weaving between decadent geometric shapes and marble textures. Inspired by a statue at Hoover Dam, which pinpoints the date of completion using the map of the stars in the Northern Hemisphere. Connecting the spiritual and the physical world this universal calendar is both symbolic in present day and a message to be read in the future in any language. 

The designs were initially created using collage of photography, texture and illustration. Combining images and colour to create a unique representation of a place and time when Alice felt inspired.She then added watercolour painted motifs in her highly detailed style to add the unique charm her artwork is recognised for.

Mirage collection Mood Board

Inspirational photography from Hoover Dam

In the California Academy of Sciences, San Fransico lives Claude the beautiful and rare albino Crocodile. Claude lacks the pigment melanin, which results in his pale skin colour. Inspired by his striking appearance the Mirage Silk Kimono was designed to feature two Albino Crocodiles with white skin.  

Claude Crocodile.jpg


The Nevada Silk

The Achromisia Silk