Wallpaper murals are frequently dramatic and eye-catching, which makes them a unique alternative to standard wallpaper or wall art. They become part of the room itself, rather than something hung in it, adding depth and character which showcases the room's architectural features, as well as the homeowner's personality.


During the 'lockdown' period, Alice began the project to create a scenic mural wallpaper design: a large project both in proportion to the scale of her existing work and as a time-intensive project. 


Painting the tropical plant and animal scenes by hand, Alice captured the process at each stage and even live-streamed on Instagram some of the animal motifs being painted. 

Alice said, "Initially I was apprehensive about what ‘lockdown’ would mean for my business, but I chose to strive forward with a positive attitude and aimed to use the time at home to get into a big project that I wouldn’t have had the time for in my normal routine. For a few weeks, I worked on painting trees, plants, flowers and vines on large sheets of A1 paper, then as interest from my social media following grew, I went live on Instagram and painted a flying parrot to add to the scene. I filmed from start to finish, talking through my way of working with watercolours. I loved getting live feedback, especially from those who said how relaxing it was to watch!”

The ‘Mighty Jungle’ mural wallpaper is available to buy as a bespoke piece, coming in three beautiful colourways. The print is very easy to install and can fill any size wall or alcove—detail can be found in the information pack which is available free as PDF to buy  as a hrad copy with wallpaper sample included.

For further information, get in touch with Alice via email to discuss your ideas—