‘Mysa’ is the new luxurious silk collection designed to transport you to your place of tranquillity with the most luxurious array of sumptuous textures. Each piece was  crafted in small numbers using highest quality Silk velvet and Satin fabrics to enhance your selfcare moments. The botanical ‘Eden’ print was created by hand painting watercolour motifs inspired by the time we spend surrounded in blissful nature.  


The name of the collection comes from the Swedish word Mysa, Which does not translate directly to English. This verb is the act of feeling calm, content and cosy, like a cat basking in the sun or a gentle breeze on a warm evening.  

About the  Eden Print 

I wanted to replicate the feeling of that golden hour glow when the sun hangs low in the sky and a warm light is cast over the world. By combining the bliss of a peaceful meadow with an exotic tropical paradise, the print invokes an exciting yet restful feeling to stimulate your sense of wellbeing .  

A toucan rests on a palm branch surrounded by bold botanical blooms and sweet delicate flowers. Dragonflies hum about the bunches of foliage and little creatures scattered through this elegant design.

Each element was hand painted using watercolours and collaged together digitally. I chose to print onto satin which has a sheen to it which creates a luxe finish but also adds a multi-tonal look to the print.

Using traditional balinese craftsmenship, these stunning Silk Fans are perfect for keeping cool in the heat and equally as beautiful displayed on a wall.