The Sibling Silk is a beautiful black grounded silk scarf in large size 100x100cm with pops of vibrant, colourful flowers and foliage. 
This design is part of the Enticement collection which is Inspired by Myths and legends of the creature which inhabit the Amazon Rain Forest. The Sibling Silk illustrates the myth of the nocturnal Potoo birds who are a brother and sister pair, abandoned in the forest, adopted by the jungle's Mother Spirit but now living in the form of colorful birds. Although a little imagination is applied to the appearance of these birds. To find out more about the mythology which inspired this collection, visit

100cm x 100cm

100% silk crepe

Handrolled Edges

Dry clean only

Price include foil printed gift/presentation box


Each design was created using  a variety of hand made techniques, including sketching, watercolour painting, collage of vintage and original imagery. 

From the Enticement Collection, inspired by myths of the Amazon Rainforest, donations given the Rainforest Foundation Uk with every sale

For more information about the designs and the collection visit:

Colourful Black Silk scarf, "Sibling" botanical design large Silk scarf with tro