The Cardiac Silk is black and yellow, large size 100x100cm silk scarf with hand painted illustrations. 
Inspired by Myths of the Amazon RainForest Cardiac Silk illustrates the ability of the jungle to 'Capture' those who wander too close. The anatomical heart hangs encaged in the roots of an Orchid Plant while exotic creatures watch their pray eagerly. Explore the hidden detail and wonderful creatures within the dark corners of this unique design. 
Watercolour orchid painted at Kew gardens, West London. Read about the process and collections at

100cm x 100 cm

100% silk crepe

Luxury Hand-rolled hems

Limited Edition

Dry clean only

Price includes foil printed gift/presentation box

Each design was created using  a variety of hand made techniques, including sketching, watercolor painting, collage of vintage and original imagery. 

From the Enticement Collection, inspired by myths of the Amazon RainForest, donation given to Rainforest Foundation Uk with every sale. 

For more information about the designs and the collection visit:

Floral Silk Scarf "Cardiac Silk" black large scarf with orchid design