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Six new original design painted with watercolour  paints and digitally printed to the luxurious Vegan Suede

As we shift our eating habits in reaction to the climate crisis, the need for vegan friendly products in our home has also become increasingly important. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this collection is crafted to be a luxurious accessory, fitting a wide variety of interior styles, without harming our environment.

The vegan cushion collection consists of six original flora and fauna watercolour designs. Each one has been skilfully hand-painted on paper, then digitally-printed onto a super soft vegan-friendly suede, in colours to flatter current and classic interior colour palettes. 

Inspired by amazing creatures of the animal kingdom, the motifs are charming and characterful, making for unusual yet surprisingly versatile interior pieces.  

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Fabrication was integral to the design of this collection. The beautiful texture has to be felt to be believed; not only is it super soft to touch but also surprisingly practical! The durable, thick material can withstand pet scratches and a cycle in the washing machine—this was important as we understood that the cushions would be part of busy family life. 

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